Ionizer Air Purifiers

There are many particles that can contaminate the air inside a home. An Ionizer air purifier is made to catch those particles and keep them from reaching the air. It is common for air purifiers to include ionizers built into the system. These require that the HEPA filter gets changed regularly. Many owners dislike this task and deem the purifier more work than it benefits.

The way that ionizer air purifiers work is quite interesting. The system is designed to generate electrons that it will send out into the air in a home. Once these electrons are in the air they combine with molecules that make up the air. When these two attach it will develop a negative ion that is then spread around the room or area it is in. This is where the process begins to clean the air. These ions will become attached to the various things that pollute the air such as smoke, pollen and dust. When the pollutants combine with the ions it makes the particles so large that the filter in the purifier will trap it and prevent it from being released into the air again. Sometimes the purifier doesn’t get the particles and they instead end up in the floor or on furniture. This allows you to sweep or vacuum them up whenever you clean.

Since the HEPA filter is used so much throughout a given day, it will eventually begin to wear down and allow these particles back into your air. This is why you often hear that you should change a filter prior to using an ionizer. It cannot do its job properly if the filter isn’t working properly. Many of the things that the filter will pick up can reduce the life of a filter by quite a bit. Pollutants such as smoke can make the filter wear out much quicker than simple dust would. If you have a new air purifier it is always best to do your homework. The owner’s manual can let you know exactly how often you should change the filter.

A room that has air that is being moved around frequently will contain negative ions. If the air in an area of the room is still and stagnant then there are positive ions residing. Drapes are a perfect example of stagnant air. These areas provide the ultimate spot for allergens to fester.

There are a lot of people that have the belief that negative ions are healthy. These folks feel that there are many benefits to the negative ions in the air and the more there are the better your health will be. This is simply a theoretical belief that no one has scientific proof of.

Ionizers are not bad items. Air purifiers run more effectively with ionizers. The way they filter the air helps you and your loved ones to breathe much better. It’s just important to remember that the HEPA filters need to be changed regularly. It’s best if you follow the directions of the manufacturer on how often to change the filter. You also want to be sure to vacuum up carpets and drapes to get rid of dust and other pollutants.

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